Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Grilling Ideas - Keto Friendly

I prefer grilling than cooking indoors ANYTIME. The weather in Texas is finally getting cooler so that means fire up the GRILL! The easiest thing to make is bacon wrapped asparagus. The presentation alone can turn your meal into a Julia Child cuisine. Bon Appetit!   

Depending on the size of your asparagus, if they are big I use 3 asparagus then wrap a thin slice of bacon tightly. If the asparagus is thin I use 4 or 5 and wrap a thin slice of bacon tightly.

As protein goes I use Chicken Breast that I butterfly cut, Steak, Fajita, or Chicken Thighs. I lightly use any chose of BBQ Sauce. I like the taste of BBQ Sauce yet hate the texture of it... to sticky. 

The chicken that I grill, I use for my salads. Suhhh Good! You can visit my salad post here.

Fore my Skewer recipe please visit my post here: Keto Friendly Skewer Dinner

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