Monday, October 22, 2018

DIY The Nightmare Before Christmas - 8 Feet Tall Jack Skellington Prop

Everyone says this prop looks like I plucked it out of the film! Very impressed on my creation. If I had to guess on how much all this was to build. I'm guessing no more than $175! That's me guessing! Now keep in mind I used items I've had for years and recycled them. Try and be creative! What can you use in your garage or attic that can be substituted? 

List of Items You Will Need: 
Adult size skeleton, 
Adult size Jack Skellington Costume - NBC Jack Costume
Black Nail Polish
Black Paint Pen
Foam Ball
White Spray Paint
Duct Tape
Black Thread
PVC Pipe (See Diagram)
PVC Pipe Cutter
Sch 40 Joints (See Diagram)
Curved Sch 40 Joints - I used 6
Cross Tee Joint (See Diagram)
3/4 Galvinized Screw Joint - I used 2
Chop Sticks 2 or any kind of sharp replacement
NBC Zero Prop - NBC Zero Prop
Black Fabric or Black Jeans Or Black Pants
3/4 Inch Plywood Sheet - I had it cut to size 2 feet by 3.5 feet 

((Please be advised that this prop took 2 hours assembling and 6 hours sewing. ))


I Used last years diagram that I drew to create the Structure of the body:

So Here's what I did... I bought an adult size Mask and Costume from Spirit Halloween. All that came with this is the circular mask, The bow tie(very big), a white chest looking bib and the signature Jack Skellington shirt suit. Here is the link: Adult Jack Skellington Costume

Now I had to cut the back of the mask to push through the foam ball. Once I did, I tried using a sharpie to color in the eyes and teeth and that did not work. So because I was not going to make ANOTHER trip to the store and I thought "What else can I use as a replacement'? I remembered I had black nail polish. Eureka it worked! Get out of here I don't need paint! I did however used the sharpie for in between the nose.  So cool so far, right?! 

Using the Diagram from last year - Pay no attention to the color of the pvc pipe - remember I recycled him from last years scarecrow. I'll post pic of my last years prop towards the end. Anyways, what I did on the chest (This is where the skeleton comes in handy) was break the chest, the spine and neck (Keep them fully in tacked) and duct tape it to where the Tee Joint is on top of the body and long torso pvc pipe.  You will look like a total barbarian lord waving that piece around the house! 

Put as much duct tape as you need to secure it then I taped it's spine part around the long torso pvc pipe and duct tape the skeleton neck to the top part of the Tee Joint.

For his Torso part I just wrap anything I could find to create a thicker torso - I used the bubble wrap from spirit Halloween from when I bought my NBC Masks. In this picture this was not taped down.

I stuck 2 Chop sticks in his head(foam ball) and stuck in in the short pvc pipe in his neck to keep his head still.

Here I used for the pants..Jeans that were old. I cut them into 4 layers and hand sewed them together. I never sew so you do not need to be an expert. I just did enough to where it stayed put! On his arms I broke the skeletons arms and duct taped his hands to the pvc pipe. I spray painted them white later. Play around with your creation! As you can see here I ended up adding and maneuvering pvc pipe to give it the theatrical look - Picture below he looks like a wounded bird. 

Here's where the paint Pen will become in handy! Because its all about detail I painted in his signature hand creases.

Here is what I did on sewing. Because his shirt made him look boxy I had to cut and sew to fit his body. View pictures below!

This is the finished look! I Love him so much!!

This was my prop from last year... practice make perfect because this years prop blows last years out of the park! Happy Creating!!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Fireplace Mantel

As you can see from my past to present posts I'm obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas film. Below you will find all the d├ęcor I used to create my fireplace mantel.

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Fire Place Logs : Tealight Fireplace Logs

When I purchased these masks I bought them 2 months early and on pre order. These mask sell very quickly so keep in mind when they become in stock next time.

Shock Mask: NBC Shock Mask

Lock Mask:  NBC Shock Mask

Barrel Mask: NBC Barrel Mask 

Witch Boots: Witch Boots

Stacked Pumpkin: Stacked Pumpkin

I ended up putting $3 purple battery powered lights in his mouth.

Really nothing to this display! I am very impressed with the masks, they do not look cheaply made and they are very big! I plan later to pant more detail on them to give it more the theatrical look from the film... but that will be a later time. Visit my next post for my 8 foot tall Jack Skellington made from recycled pvc pipe! Please share this post!

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