Monday, September 5, 2016

Gift Box Treats - Goodie Box Part 1 of 2

Halloween and Christmas are my most favorite holidays of the year! The best time for me to become creative. Here I decided to give out Treat Gift Boxes to my Family & Friends.
(( I split this Blog Post into 2 parts so please view the next post. ))
What You will Need for Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Bark:
Gift Box 
XL Chocolate Bars(Dark, Milk Chocolate w/Almonds)
M&M's - Christmas Colors
Carmel Candy - Kroger
Sprinkles - Christmas Variety Pack
Candy Canes - Green white & Red/ Red & White
Condensed Milk - Small Cans
Mason Jars - 12 Pack - Bought at Kroger
Big Pretzels - Kroger
Wax Paper - For pretzels to dry
Aluminum Pan - For Bark to cool down
Zip Lock Bags - To Break Candy Canes in
For the Pet Owners:
Milk Bones
Making Cork Coasters:
Corks (you can get a huge bag full from any Specs, just ask the cashier)
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies:
Sugar Cookie Mix - Costco
Green Food Dye
Candy Canes
And a glass of wine because you will need to have a lot of patience making all of this!!
NOTE: Now because these long pretzel sticks are extra long you will need to break them to fit into the mason jars prior. Please measure each stick before you cover it with chocolate - always stick the broken stick first into the chocolate so that that end does not face out. Remember you will use all those broken remains for the bark so don't throw them away! 
Making these pretzels are easy! Just mix chocolate with condensed milk until smooth then start dipping then sprinkle all the goodies you have. Remember this is where you use: Sprinkles, Candy Canes, Caramel or whatever you decide to use.
Be sure to lay wax paper down so these will be easy to peel off once they have cooled dry! You will need to do this 1 to 2 days prior on gift giving because after about 5 to 6 days these become stall.

 The caramel I just took it out of the wrappers put a little of condensed milk in it and mixed it while it was hot and smooth then grabbed a spoon and started drizzling.
 On the Christmas Bark below I used all the remains from the broken pretzels. I laid it on the aluminum pan and layered it with the hot milk chocolate, broken candy canes, m&m's, and then lastly the caramel. I put it in the fridge for an hour to cool. Once cooled break apart and then put inside of the mason jars!


Please view next post for finished results and the cork coaster tutorial.
Vanessa Robles Foster

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