Monday, June 13, 2016

Moorhead's Blueberry Picking Farm - Conroe TX

If you love healthy foods what best way to get in the healthy spirit then to pick your very own blueberries!
  Me and my husband went Blueberry picking for the first time Sunday afternoon in the pouring rain and it was WONDERFUL! We were soaked but it made it more fun.
There was a good amount of people but the acreage was huge (20 acres). You barely saw anyone around you picking near you because there is so much to choose from. They have a lot of color coded sections to follow that the farmer will instruct which is the best for picking so that the pickers do not feel stressed.
 If you go I recommend not wearing flip-flops, I made the mistake of doing the rain, you think I would learn considering the rain we have been getting in Texas. Told hubs its just a baby storm that will pass! Nope.. so I went county girl and walked barefooted to prevent me from slipping, it was fine the whole time I did not come across any rocks or stickers.
    But if I have any advise, it would be to wear old shoes because blueberries do fall on the floor and bleed. Also recommend Wearing clothes you don't care to get dirty in.  You have to pick high or low and regardless you will go through blueberries to get to the ones you want thus it will get on your clothes. 
The Blueberry season will last up to mid July so if you have never been you need to go!
Moorehead Blueberry Farm is only Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: Open daylight hours (6:15am-8:30pm)
 This place is children friendly, they have refreshments to purchase and a Snow Cone Station with bathrooms all over the farm.
Do Note: When on your way to the farm we thought we went the wrong way because you do have to cross through a Stabilized Sand/Construction/Trucking Yard. So please be careful of the Big Trucks and follow the arrows that Moorhead Blueberry farm provides. 
Blueberries are $2.50 per pound  
They have a sign that says "We grow them you pick them!"

Great experience for adults and fun for kids of all ages, if you have children getting out of school for the summer its a great activity for them!
Address to Moorhead's Blueberry Farm: 19531 Moorhead Road
Conroe, TX 77302


With available parking in front of the Blueberry Farm and only allow CASH

 All pictures taken by me. I hope my experience will get you motivated to pick your own berries instead of buy them at the supermarket. How fun to say I picked these my self from a farm! I think I will start doing this every year as a tradition! Great to support the local farmers.
Thank you for reading this post! Have a wonderful and Happy Monday!
-Vanessa Robles Foster

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