Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments - Oggie Boogie Dice

Below I have done a picture demonstration of how you can create your own glittered ornaments at home. Be WARNED this stuff will get on your face, on your clothes, follow you to work, follow your friends home, and a sometimes… not gna lie, it occasionally will be found in your hair. I have not brought this stuff out in a couple of years due to creating my own wedding and the busy life of being an adult so I forgot how messy this really is. 

So with that all being thrown on the table let’s begin with the following things you will need:

1. A Hair Tie (Hair out of face , you don’t want glue or glitter in or on it) TRUST ME.

2. Paint Brush - Depending how small of detail will determine the size of brush you will need. (Note: When cutting the cost in your material do know that if you buy a sh!tty paint brush the hairs will get pulled out and will get stuck on your work... it’s not fun pulling brush hairs off of an already glittered piece that you just did.

3. Napkins - For the just in case you bought a sh!tty paint brush and have to pull the loose hairs out - Do not use your fingers to pull these out. Gently place the brush on the napkin and pull it off with the corner. 

4. A Folder or Paper Plate- You will need this for when the glitter falls off of your project. This will allow you to pour the glitter back into the its container.

5.Glitter: Black & Red - You want the thick pieces not the really fine ones. 

6. Elmer’s Glue - This will work just fine! Note this is not the stuff I use for my paintings, we will talk about that at a later time. This will get the job done none the less!

7. Acrylic Paint - In this particular project I used red and black for Oggie Boogie Dice.

8. Wooden Blocks - I used my wedding block countdown for my dice that I bought on Etsy, was very happy I came up with the idea to recycle them.

Follow the pictured Step by Step Instructions, Enjoy!

 Do remember - NOT TO TOUCH YOUR FACE and remember to CLOSE YOUR EYES if you decide to blow off the glitter, it will spiral back into your face and into your eyes with a vengeance.

Lets get started! Oggie Boogie Dice:

                      STEP 1.

                     STEP 2.

              STEP 3.

                   STEP 4.

                  STEP 5. 

                  STEP 6.

                   STEP 7.

                 STEP 8.

               STEP 9.

                  STEP 10.

                    STEP 11.

                    STEP 12.

                    STEP 13.
                   STEP 14.

                    STEP 15.



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