Friday, September 18, 2015

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Glitter Lollipop Ornaments

Happy Friday Folks!!!

In this post we... And when I mean “we” I mean YOU are going to learn how to make these lovely Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Lollipops Ornaments! How many of you can quote every line from this movie? I can!! Its great making these creations and having a Halloween movie in the background... Hocus Pocus, Sleepy Hallow, NBC, Death Becomes Her…etc.! Invite your friends! Have a glittering party! Get yourself in the Holiday SPIRIT! It's Halloween Everyday at THE FOSTER'S.... Great! Now that we are friends let’s get glittering.
What you are going to need and expect:

1. Plastic Lollipops - I bought mine from Hobby Lobby on sale for 40% off! These were so ugly I had to fix them up to my style. I was heartbroken that they had more Christmas décor than Halloween so I said FU#K it! Let’s turn these into Halloween Lollipops. You had one job Hobby Lobby! 

2. Paint Brush - Depending on how small of detail will determine the size of brush you will need. (Note: When cutting the cost in your material do know that if you buy a sh!tty paint brush the hairs will get pulled out and will get stuck on your work... it’s not fun pulling brush hairs off of an already glittered piece that you just did.

3. Napkins - For the just in case you bought a sh!tty paint brush and have to pull the loose hairs out - Do not use your fingers to pull these out. Gently place the brush on the napkin and pull it off with the corner. 

4. A Folder or Paper Plate - You will need this for when the glitter falls off of your project. This will allow you to pour the glitter back into its container. ((I prefer Manila Folder.))

5. Glitter: Black & Orange - You want the thick kind not the really fine kind. You can choose any colors it’s your lollipops.

6. Elmer’s Glue - This will work just fine! This will get the job done none the less!

7. Acrylic Paint - In this particular project I used black.

8. Sharpie – I used 2 methods: Making lines which shows on picture below and the other a messy scratchy lines spiral. All I did was keep turning the stick and did lines up and down until I reached the bottom.

Follow the pictured Step by Step Instructions, Enjoy!

 Do remember - NOT TO TOUCH YOUR FACE and remember to CLOSE YOUR EYES if you decide to blow off the glitter, it will spiral back into your face and into your eyes with a vengeance.

This particular color lollipop was on Sandy Clause Beard 

 Lets get started! Glitter Lollipops

Bought these from Hobby Lobby!

Paint over red spiral in Black Acrylic Paint (Only Top and Sides ONLY)

 Items I am using

 Here I am going around wth a sharpie

 Now that  its all covered (not the back) lets pour the black glitter on this wet paint!

 Now that glitter has been applied, dust off from back to get unglued glitter off. Leave to dry over night and repeat the inside with orange.

Now that the black glitter has been dried, you will do the same technique only instead of the black paint you will use the Elmer's glue. Paint Elmer's glue in the white spiral then pour the orange glitter on top of wet glue, Once complete dust off and do the same to the back! Easy! Just MESSY!

You dont have to paint the white inside! Do Different Colors! Here's what I did!

Lots of Variety! Don't ever be afraid to use BLACK.

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  1. I know this is an older blog, but tutorial is timeless. Thanks for the idea. Love the Nightmare movie. Have all the original props and 3 copies of the movie, and the soundtrack in my car. ( Also in the warnings should be do not sneeze! I glitter everything, sometimes inadvertently.)
    Thank you for posting.