Monday, October 22, 2018

Nightmare Before Christmas Fireplace Mantel

As you can see from my past to present posts I'm obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas film. Below you will find all the décor I used to create my fireplace mantel.

To create Man Eating Wreath visit my DIY steps to create your own: DIY NBC Man Eating Wreath 

Fire Place Logs : Tealight Fireplace Logs

When I purchased these masks I bought them 2 months early and on pre order. These mask sell very quickly so keep in mind when they become in stock next time.

Shock Mask: NBC Shock Mask

Lock Mask:  NBC Shock Mask

Barrel Mask: NBC Barrel Mask 

Witch Boots: Witch Boots

Stacked Pumpkin: Stacked Pumpkin

I ended up putting $3 purple battery powered lights in his mouth.

Really nothing to this display! I am very impressed with the masks, they do not look cheaply made and they are very big! I plan later to pant more detail on them to give it more the theatrical look from the film... but that will be a later time. Visit my next post for my 8 foot tall Jack Skellington made from recycled pvc pipe! Please share this post!

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