Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rainbow Cake in Mini Mason Jars

I could sit here and go into detail how I love everything about rainbows and colors. Lets just get to how I did it and what you will need to make these at home yourself!! Your Welcome!

Rainbow in a Jar (Mini Mason Jars)

Ingredients & Material:

                   * 2 Boxes of any white cake mix according to Package Instructions:
                        (3 large Eggs, Vegetable Oil, Water..etc)

                    *Neon Food Coloring: Purple, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange
                    * 12 mini Mason Jars

                   * 5 bowls ( to separate cake batter to put individual food coloring)

                    * 4 inch baking pan to put jars in (you fill it half an inch of water to put cake filled
                       jars in so that it doesn't burn or bust in oven).

                    * Non Stick Baking Spray (Spray inside Jars)

                    * Ziploc Bags (To put frosting and color batter in)

                    * Scissors (To cut Ziploc bags tips)

                    * 2 Frosting (used Cream Cheese Flavor)

                   * Rainbow Sprinkles
Preheat Oven to 350 degrees, Spray inside of each jar with Non stick Spray before putting colored cake batters in.
 Add half an inch of water into pan to prevent jars from burning or breaking.

Once bowls have been divided with the colors of your choosing, scoop into plastic Ziploc bags then when ready cut the ends to squeeze out batter into each jar. (Do it away from the jars, I made the mistake of cutting them and it flying into the water between the jars) LoL


Once colors have been squeezed into jars it will look like this!
Cooking time is 42 minutes!
Once baked add frosting into Ziploc bag per directions of cake batter and squeeze onto cooked cake jar then add sprinkles!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

John Ross Palmer Art Studio Gallery - Downtown Heights - HTX

My friend Mary had a birthday yesterday at Abstract Artist  - John Ross Palmer Studio in the Heights of Houston. He has such fabulous painting parties with hors d'oeuvre, wine, entertainment and music. He is a fantastic host, very funny and kind! Never a dull moment!

The energy he shares is contagious and enjoying! Anyone who needs a girls night or birthday celebration needs to join John for an art extravaganza!
In his art gallery next door to his studio he shares all Artwork of Artist in his internship ( I hope to join his team next year!)
Here is our experience through pictures!


John Ross Palmer -

Address: 1218 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77008
Hope you have been inspired! Happy Painting :)
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Buffalo Bayou Park - Houston, Texas

Loving this spring weather in Texas, The city that has all seasons in one day! But, in this particular case clear skies all day!
 If you live in Houston and haven't walked the trails of Buffalo Bayou Park you better put your walking shoes on! Such a great place to read a book, kayak, feed the ducks, skate at the skate park, walk with family, have a play date with your dog at the dog park or just to get out to enjoy the weather!!
Here are some pictures I captured to motivate you to leave the cave!


Have a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed this post! Location of Buffalo Bayou Park is:
Buffalo Bayou Park, 1800 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019, USA

-Vanessa Robles Foster