Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY Cardboard Masks - South Park

So… its 10pm 2 days before Halloween and my husband says he has nothing to wear and wants to buy an expensive costume that he will only wear maybe 1 time. So as the good wife and created artist I am, I told him ABSOLUTLEY NOT…. I can make you something! But of course he’s last minute Joe… so we brain storm and try figuring out what he can be.

20 minutes later he says he wants to be Randy Marsh beaten up from South Park (Laughs) never a dull moment. At the same time things are rushing in my head wondering what the hell am I going to use?? EUREKA! I have all this cardboard and paint, I can make the mask!! Then, my friend says she’s low on cash and didn’t have anything to wear either so the momma hen that I am I said I will make you one too! BRAINSTORM again! Don’t have brown paint can’t make her angry Sharon (South Park Wife)..... Oh! I will make Mr. Garrison!! Hahahha we all laughed… at the same time I’m thinking Fukkkkkk its 2 days before Halloween and I only have 1 good night to work on it because the next day was my 1 Year Wedding Anniversary (Oct 30th).

So, the insomniac that I am pulled it off in 1 night! Here’s what I did:


Cardboard (used old box laying around).
Acrylic Paint (Black, white, Tan, Red) I didn't have Tan so I mix red & white).
Sharpie ( Outline and draw sketch).
Exacto Knife
Heavy Duty Scissors 
Wooden Stick (got a paint stir stick from lowes my husband cut it in half or you could use a popsicle stick). 
Big Bowl (used as a stencil, some shapes come out oval so I used it as a workig tool).

NOTES: I've noticed using an exacto knife worked better than using scissors.
After ever coating of paint, leave to dry for a couple of hours before you paint the eyes and detail.

Below is the Steps:

Did the Same Steps with Randy Marsh (Beaten Up)

NOTES: Don't be afraid to practice on a scratch piece of cardboard

Finished Results!!

They had a good time with these! 
They were a hit at the party and was passed around!!
 If you make a mask using my idea be sure to share on Instagram with #BlogsOfArt

Happy Crafting!!!

- Vanessa Robles Foster

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