Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

In a few weeks the first day of Fall begins (September 23rd) so I would like to bring on the fall festivities and share with you what I am creating.. This year I am doing a Nightmare Before Christmas Theme to my tree/casa.

I didn't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on mediocre ornaments so this year I decided to make my own. Hopefully that means I can put my tree up, preferably NEXT MONTH!! Yes! Maybe? We will see, have to convince the hubs.

Here's a sneak peek of ALL the things I have created so far.

Jack Skellington's Christmas Formula on my recycled Wedding Chalkboard

Here I just finished painting a plastic pumpkin head to create the Jack In The Box : Jack-O-Lantern Head. Still in the process  of  building the body, but in the mean time here is what I did so far... In the pics below you will see the GLITTER lollipop ornaments.... follow my next couple of post to find out how I made those.

How TO:

Bought plastic pumpkin and painted face with black acrylic paint, like so!

Nothing to it!

Then I went around each crease with black watered down paint until it looked dirty and scary like. 

NOTE: Be sure to use paper towel to wipe off dripping paint. That is what helps make it look dirty (ROTTEN) !

Done...Easy with no mess! Pass on carving pumpkins this year...

Here's a list of what I will be working on to create my Nightmare Before Christmas Madness!

Jack Skellington Ornament Heads - Carved
Vampire Doll Head Oraments - Carved
Coffin & Scary Presents
Halloween Spiral Lollipops - In Glitter
Black Roses - Sally's Rose
Oggie Boogie Dice - In Glitter
Pumpkins - In Glitter
Jack Skellington's Toy Chest

Lets hope I can beat my tree from last year!!


Vist My next Blog to view how I made these Oggie Boogie Glittered Dice Ornament! 

In the background you can see my layout of all the stuff I am doing. I also glittered these pumpkins.

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