Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY Halloween Wedding Ideas - Hallow's Eve

I always promised myself if I were to ever get engaged it would be a very long engagement. Which it was! A year and 5 months… I am a very festive person and very happy to marry someone who mimics that quality!

Our wedding was no where near TRADITIONAL, on Hallows’ Eve 2014 we tied the knot! My abuela (Grandmother) calls that day THE DEVIL’S BIRTHDAY *laughs* OK grandma and witches are transformed into owls so they can abduct children to suck their blood! (Which she believes) . . .  Sometimes I think I was a witch in another life, because I love Halloween so much!

Planning a Halloween wedding will have its obstacles. For one thing it’s not traditional and if you’re Catholic (like me) forget about telling your family how you’re going to decorate it. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “Are you having a Halloween party or a Wedding?”, “That’s not traditional at all”…etc

Word of advice; only tell the people who are close to you that share the same festive drum that beats in their heart like yours!

Hearing criticism adds to the pot! So just remember its YOUR WEDDING!!

To all the Halloween Brides out there Congrats & happy planning!!!  

Getting involved planning your wedding will make things fun! I did everything; even though I had a planner I felt that she and I were not on the same page due to my high level of creativity. I’m an artist so I saw this wedding more as an art project than anything. Woman with a vision get out of my way!!! She was really great though! Very sweet lady! I told her what I was doing (making) and how everything was going to look and she succeeded. I run a Excavation company so I tend to be very demanding.

I wanted a classy Halloween Wedding - I made 75% of everything in the pictures below, if it wasn't made I bought it from Etsy! Uhhh just thinking about it makes my heart race just feeling the anxiety of not having enough time. Time... I say that because I had a year and 5 months to plan! Was just the right amount, but yet it wasn't? ... I don understand these brides who pop out these weddings in 5 to 8 months.. just getting my dress done took me 5 months! And that was on a rush order! 

In planning my wedding I pay a lot attention to detail and was told out of all the weddings they had at the venue mine was the most detail they ever seen! Even the bartender hosting it even said it (YAY!).

So in the end I created 80 hand glittered masks, painted a golden skeleton (Maynard) with a crown, made my cake topper, Swarovski my shoes, created my centerpieces, bought my flowers girls throw flowers from HEB on the way to the venue.... I even went as far as buying the crystals hanging off of my arch! That's how attentive I am to detail.  

I was so happy of what I created it was even featured on the!

I hope my pictures & sources help give you an idea on how to plan your Halloween Wedding!

Here is what I created!

Foster Halloween Wedding 2014 in Katy Texas at Agave Real Venue

Guestbook: Etsy Shop - Crearting
Chalkboard Stand - Hobby Lobby
Pumpkins - Etsy Shop - TheGoryGourd (I gold leafed it)
Shoes: Vanessa Robles Foster
Flowers: Agave Brothers -Tawnya Morse 
Lanterns - Agave Real
Hanging Arch Crystals - Ebay

Arch Flowers: Smilax, White Hydangea, White Wax Flowers, White Roses, White Lily's, White Stock and Hanging Crystals.
Fireplace Hearth: Wooden Cross, Smilax & White Wax Flowers
Aisle: Lanterns, White Rose Pedas






 Flower Girl
Flower Girl Dress & Accessories was purchased from Etsy.
Basket: Etsy Shop - WeddingsAndWreaths
Head Band: Etsy Shop - AdorningBeautyCo
Dress: Etsy Shop - LittleDreamersInc
Wedding Hanger: Etsy Shop - DivineDays
Flower Girls Peach Throw Flowers - HEB Floral Department



Ring Bearer 
Outfit - Etsy Shop: Finehandmadeclothing

Tux: Vera Wang
Floral: White Orchid, Ruskus & Brunia Berry

All of my bridesmaid's rented their dresses from:
Dresses: Badgley Mischka
Jewelry: Charming Charlie
Flowers: Agave Brothers -Tawnya Morse 
Makeup Artist: Kristina Frank - 
Bridesmaid's Floral: White Hydrangea, White Roses, Tiffany Peach Rose, White Orchids, Ruskus, Brunia Berry Tied With Ribbon.




My husband wore a white tux in honor of his grandfather who passed away 3 months prior

In honor of Bill & Joleen Foster 1954

Me & My Handsome
White Tux: Calvin Klein Jacket & Vera Wang Pants - Mens Warehouse
Wedding Dress: Blue By Enzoani - Princess Bridal (Old Town Spring, TX)
Flowers: Agave Brothers -Tawnya Morse  
Makeup Artist: Kristina Frank - 
Earrings: Esty Shop - LuluSplendor
Bridal Necklace & Bracelet: Etsy Shop: Somethingjeweled 

Brides Semi Cascading Bouquet: White Roses, White Lizianthus, Queen Anns Lace, White Wax Flowers, White Dendro Orchids, Green Cymbidiums, Brunia Berry, Ruskus & Ivy.
Groom: White Rose, Ruskus & Grass Loop



All 80 masks were painted with glitter  and gold leaf by ME
Golden Skeleton - Halloween store, I spray painted Maynard(Skeleton) in gold leaf.
Gold Chalkboard Frame - Etsy Shop: ShugabeeLane
Table Number Frames - Etsy Shop: Mackenzieframes
Mask Tags: Etsy Shop - GreenRidgeDesigns
Flowers: Agave Brothers -Tawnya Morse 
Eat, Drink & Be Married Sign: Etsy Shop: Gingerbreadromantic
Pumpkin Candy Bowl - Home Goods Store
Take A Treat Sign: Etsy Shop - Decadentdesigns
Frankenstein & Bride "Til Death Do Us Part"Custom Cornhole: Etsy Shop - JRHCornhole
Manzanita Tree Centerpiece- I found LED Flowers at Kroger in candle department
Happy Halloween Block Sign - Grandin Road
Trumpet Vases -
Manzanita Tree's -
Clear Rocks in Trumpet Vases - Hobby Lobby

Manzanita Tree Floral: White Lilys, White Roses, White Orchids, Hanging Greens & Ivory Hydrangea.

Trumpet Vases Foral: Bells of Ireland, Pit, White Hydrangea, White Stock, White Lily's & White Roses.







Cake topper - Bought plain Crown Frame at random in a thrift store then gold leafed it and added the same Swarovski stones from my shoes. 
Cake & Stand: Edible Designs by Jessie

 Ceremony - I Do
 Flowers: Agave Brothers -Tawnya Morse


 Luke & Cat Photography -

The Link:

Thank you for reading & viewing my Halloween Wedding Blog! Be sure to share this post!

-Vanessa Robles Foster