Saturday, July 21, 2018

Romantic Colorado Vacation - Garden of The Gods Resort

Hello everyone! Life has been pretty busy and from seeing all of the lovely share notification really has me grateful you all are still reading my posts. Especially since I have not posted in awhile.

I wanted to share with you my 'Travel Guide" to for a Romantic Colorado Getaway! It was such a treat! My husband has not flown in 15 years so I wanted to make it an unforgettable experience for him! #BestWifeAward . 

It's a check off our bucket list for sure!!! When planning our trip I wanted to go to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Now I arranged this entire trip literally around the date of the concert. Researching you hear people say you have to stop at Red Rock. I didn't want to just "stop" there I wanted to watch something! So I bought my husband Five Finger Death Punch Tickets (we are heavy metal fans) it was a unforgettable experience! This trip took about 6 months to plan!

Just so you know it is a very long walk up to get to the venue, then you have to walk a steep walkway up... Kinda felt like the great wall of china (not that I 've been...yet!) so wear extremely comfy shoes.

 My husband is such a social butterfly he was getting the line in front of us and in back of us pumped!

The reward of getting to our seats! Cervezas!

Unforgettable experience! Do know that when visiting Colorado you have to drink lots and lots of water? LoL, as you see the beers in our hands. We are from Texas so I do have to say we did get a little altitude sickness.. lingering headache. And no we were not hung over! But the more water we drank it subsided.

From there we wanted to stop at Garden of the Gods...I know what you are thinking...why didn't I start with this huh? Suspense killing you yet?!?? I never knew this, but you can literally drink wine with a science view of Garden of The Gods Park from the comfort of your own hotel room! You hear people hiking it but a resort that close! My husband and I were blown away! The look on his face was everything I hope for to treat the one you love! He kept saying it looked like a 007 super villain's hideout. Awesome response! 

Wine not! Wine while our room was being upgraded! Can't get over the view!

They have a beautiful restaurant downstairs and a yummy breakfast for 2. We received the romantic package "Love on the Rocks" which is a Luxury Accommodations with Mountain Views & Suite -Different rooms to choose from with Fireplace, In-Suite Wine & Dessert, In-Suite Breakfast for two.

From the resort is a 20 minute walk to the garden of the gods park area ...


The drive back from Garden of the Gods to Denver is absolutely beautiful. It's about an hour drive, we took an Uber!

Places we stopped at in Denver, CO: 

Olive & Fich: 
Warm market & bistro with coffee bar & menu of pastries & sandwiches, plus to-go eats, beer & wine.
Address: 1552 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Garden of The Gods Resort: 
Resort, Spa, Golfing, Hiking
Address: 3320 Mesa Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Tap Fourteen Ballpark:
Convivial hangout featuring a wide array of local beers & spirits & a rooftop patio with city views.
Address: 1920 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

Downtown Denver Aquarium:
Sprawling complex with a state-of-the-art aquarium housing 500+ species, plus a restaurant & lounge.
Address: 700 Water St, Denver, CO 80211

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Paleo Keto & Low Carb Friendly Skewer Dinner

Every dieters dream! Unless you are Vegan...Super easy to grill!

Here is what you will need:

      Signature Beef for Stew (Beef Cut Up)
      Sausage of you're choosing - I like the ones with JalapeƱo
Red Bell Peppers
Yellow Bell Peppers
Brussels Sprouts
Heavy Duty Skewer
Olive Garden Salad Dressing

WARNING: Be carful when you stick the skewer into the Brussels Sprouts they are super hard when raw and you can harm yourself shoving it in... be patient!

Bacon Asparagus Instruction: Grab 3 to 4 Asparagus depending on size.
Cut the hard stems off and then wrap 1 slice of bacon around it. No sauce, no spices or syrup. Just the yummy goodness of the bacon will give it the delicious flavor.

When grilling the skewers drizzle with a bbq brush or spoon the olive garden dressing until cooked to your liking. Super good and HEALTHY!! Enjoy!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

DIY Last Name Stalking Holder - Foster Christmas Hanger

These Black Blocks I had laying around from my Wedding - They say Happy Halloween on the front so I flipped them on the all black side and started painting over them. Hot Glued each block and painted it.  I left the black rim alone, gave it more class! Easy! Enjoy!

Materials needed:
Hot Glue Gun
Green Paint
Red Paint
White Paint
White Glitter
Elmer's Glue
Metal Hangers
I bought all of this stuff from Hobby Lobby.



FINISHED RESULTS!! Looks like I bought it!
I just Love Christmas!

Gift Box Treats - Goodie Box Part 2 of 2

Making Cork Coasters:
Corks (you can get a huge bag full from any Specs, just ask the cashier)
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
For the Pet Owners:
Milk Bones
Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies:
Sugar Cookie Mix - Costco
Green Food Dye
Candy Canes 

 Once you have the tools and material for assembling, these coasters are a cinch! Its just hot gluing.
4 coasters for each set and we are almost done with this gift box!
Note: You can get a Huge Bag of Corks from any Specs Store. Just Ask the Cashier!

Make sure by testing a wine glass on top of the finished coaster that you made. It needs to sit completely flat. Sometimes while gluing you think it flat but really you did a half fast job bc lets face it its prolly 1:30 am and you just want to finish it and go to sleep. So make sure its flat people!
Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies:
Sugar Cookie Mix - Costco
Green Food Dye
Candy Canes 
I pretty much followed directions on the box and mixed it with green food dye. After the cookies came out of the oven I put the crushed candy canes on top of them! Easy!
For the Pet Owners:
Milk Bones
So finally what you have all been waiting for that took 2 posts to do! Here is what the inside of the gift box looks like!
 Dog Treats for people who have furbaby's, with the pretzels & coasters you made all wrapped in pretty gold ribbon. These were an absolute HIT! Everyone loved  them. I am making these every year! Of course change it up a bit. It makes gift giving easier, plus how many Christmas ties do you have to keep giving before you waste your money. When they open these gifts and see these goodies their faces light up.
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Vanessa Robles Foster

Gift Box Treats - Goodie Box Part 1 of 2

Halloween and Christmas are my most favorite holidays of the year! The best time for me to become creative. Here I decided to give out Treat Gift Boxes to my Family & Friends.
(( I split this Blog Post into 2 parts so please view the next post. ))
What You will Need for Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Bark:
Gift Box 
XL Chocolate Bars(Dark, Milk Chocolate w/Almonds)
M&M's - Christmas Colors
Carmel Candy - Kroger
Sprinkles - Christmas Variety Pack
Candy Canes - Green white & Red/ Red & White
Condensed Milk - Small Cans
Mason Jars - 12 Pack - Bought at Kroger
Big Pretzels - Kroger
Wax Paper - For pretzels to dry
Aluminum Pan - For Bark to cool down
Zip Lock Bags - To Break Candy Canes in
For the Pet Owners:
Milk Bones
Making Cork Coasters:
Corks (you can get a huge bag full from any Specs, just ask the cashier)
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Quick & Easy Sugar Cookies:
Sugar Cookie Mix - Costco
Green Food Dye
Candy Canes
And a glass of wine because you will need to have a lot of patience making all of this!!
NOTE: Now because these long pretzel sticks are extra long you will need to break them to fit into the mason jars prior. Please measure each stick before you cover it with chocolate - always stick the broken stick first into the chocolate so that that end does not face out. Remember you will use all those broken remains for the bark so don't throw them away! 
Making these pretzels are easy! Just mix chocolate with condensed milk until smooth then start dipping then sprinkle all the goodies you have. Remember this is where you use: Sprinkles, Candy Canes, Caramel or whatever you decide to use.
Be sure to lay wax paper down so these will be easy to peel off once they have cooled dry! You will need to do this 1 to 2 days prior on gift giving because after about 5 to 6 days these become stall.

 The caramel I just took it out of the wrappers put a little of condensed milk in it and mixed it while it was hot and smooth then grabbed a spoon and started drizzling.
 On the Christmas Bark below I used all the remains from the broken pretzels. I laid it on the aluminum pan and layered it with the hot milk chocolate, broken candy canes, m&m's, and then lastly the caramel. I put it in the fridge for an hour to cool. Once cooled break apart and then put inside of the mason jars!


Please view next post for finished results and the cork coaster tutorial.
Vanessa Robles Foster

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Christmas Tree From Hell - What To Do When The Lights Burn Out

I've used this 9ft pre lit tree for 5 years with no problems...until the unthinkable happens. I pull it out of storage, brush it all out, and then plug it in. FU*K!!!!!! The lights burned out. No biggie right? WRONG!! I bought it with lights! Which means I have to literally cut out each and every light bulb. My husband says "no don't waste your time, just wrap new lights over the additional burned out lights". I'm a perfectionist, my Tree is my canvas and I take pride on decorating it each year. So what did I do?   
I cut out each and every damn light that the eye could see. Be warned  you will cuss, you will have scratches all over my forearms, and hands. Your best friend will be a head light because lets face it, even if you think you have 20/20 vision you will miss tons of lights.  

 It took me 6 total hours cutting out 1,000 lights from this pre lite tree. I will never ever buy another tree with lights sewn into it.  Don't be fooled  by the smile on my face in this pic. When you're Bestie from out of state asks you what you are doing you give them a selfie with a smile!

Cutting lights can be very tedious but if you have the patients like me you will be fine. Just remembering the pile of lights being cut out brings back memories.
I ended up using 5 box of these lights - It was $2 each!
Here I am testing the new lights before I wrap them back into the tree from Hell. Always have the Christmas lights on so you can have a better direction of placement when wrapping your tree.
Tada!!! Here the tree is finally Lit again as if nothing ever happened!
Thank you for viewing this blog! Please read my next blog to see how I ended up decorating it!
You guys rock! Please continue to share my posts!
-Vanessa Robles Foster

Monday, June 13, 2016

Moorhead's Blueberry Picking Farm - Conroe TX

If you love healthy foods what best way to get in the healthy spirit then to pick your very own blueberries!
  Me and my husband went Blueberry picking for the first time Sunday afternoon in the pouring rain and it was WONDERFUL! We were soaked but it made it more fun.
There was a good amount of people but the acreage was huge (20 acres). You barely saw anyone around you picking near you because there is so much to choose from. They have a lot of color coded sections to follow that the farmer will instruct which is the best for picking so that the pickers do not feel stressed.
 If you go I recommend not wearing flip-flops, I made the mistake of doing the rain, you think I would learn considering the rain we have been getting in Texas. Told hubs its just a baby storm that will pass! Nope.. so I went county girl and walked barefooted to prevent me from slipping, it was fine the whole time I did not come across any rocks or stickers.
    But if I have any advise, it would be to wear old shoes because blueberries do fall on the floor and bleed. Also recommend Wearing clothes you don't care to get dirty in.  You have to pick high or low and regardless you will go through blueberries to get to the ones you want thus it will get on your clothes. 
The Blueberry season will last up to mid July so if you have never been you need to go!
Moorehead Blueberry Farm is only Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: Open daylight hours (6:15am-8:30pm)
 This place is children friendly, they have refreshments to purchase and a Snow Cone Station with bathrooms all over the farm.
Do Note: When on your way to the farm we thought we went the wrong way because you do have to cross through a Stabilized Sand/Construction/Trucking Yard. So please be careful of the Big Trucks and follow the arrows that Moorhead Blueberry farm provides. 
Blueberries are $2.50 per pound  
They have a sign that says "We grow them you pick them!"

Great experience for adults and fun for kids of all ages, if you have children getting out of school for the summer its a great activity for them!
Address to Moorhead's Blueberry Farm: 19531 Moorhead Road
Conroe, TX 77302


With available parking in front of the Blueberry Farm and only allow CASH

 All pictures taken by me. I hope my experience will get you motivated to pick your own berries instead of buy them at the supermarket. How fun to say I picked these my self from a farm! I think I will start doing this every year as a tradition! Great to support the local farmers.
Thank you for reading this post! Have a wonderful and Happy Monday!
-Vanessa Robles Foster