Thursday, November 29, 2018

Holiday Frozen Free Wallpaper - Save & Set

Merry Christmas!

Here is another free wallpaper that I created to put you in the Holiday Spirit.

Just save and set, it's that easy! Please check out my Grinch free wallpaper that I also created in my previous post.

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- Vanessa Robles Foster

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Grinchiest Christmas Wallpaper: Save & Set

Merry Christmas! It's still November but its never too early. 

Here is a very Merry Christmas Wallpaper that I created to give you the strength of 10 Grinches, plus two!

Save & Set to have the Grinchiest Screen Saver or Wallpaper for your Phone.

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- Vanessa Robles Foster

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Grilling Ideas - Keto Friendly

I prefer grilling than cooking indoors ANYTIME. The weather in Texas is finally getting cooler so that means fire up the GRILL! The easiest thing to make is bacon wrapped asparagus. The presentation alone can turn your meal into a Julia Child cuisine. Bon Appetit!   

Depending on the size of your asparagus, if they are big I use 3 asparagus then wrap a thin slice of bacon tightly. If the asparagus is thin I use 4 or 5 and wrap a thin slice of bacon tightly.

As protein goes I use Chicken Breast that I butterfly cut, Steak, Fajita, or Chicken Thighs. I lightly use any chose of BBQ Sauce. I like the taste of BBQ Sauce yet hate the texture of it... to sticky. 

The chicken that I grill, I use for my salads. Suhhh Good! You can visit my salad post here.

Fore my Skewer recipe please visit my post here: Keto Friendly Skewer Dinner

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- Vanessa Robles Foster

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Two Nights In San Francisco

Hi Everyone! I hope this blog helps you to plan your next adventure to San Francisco. It was a unforgettable experience. This is just a itinerary to guide you on historical or scenic spots that I found. 

Once we exited the airport we hailed a Uber pickup to travel to our hotel. They're all lined up so it took us no time to get a ride. Just driving and admiring the wavy roads was fascinating. Really is a beautiful city. Every uber driver had a different answer every time I asked them "Do you get tired of this view". San Francisco is 46 miles long. You have to be careful because there is a dangerous area. Be cautious and aware when walking and ask advice on areas to stay away from. 

Day One: 

Sir Francis Drake Hotel

We checked in to our hotel located in the middle of Union Square. There are tales this hotel is "haunted". The story goes, TV star Paul Lynde (Actor who played Uncle Arthur in the hit series Bewitched) was involved in a terrible accident that took place at this hotel back in 1965. A man, who was said to be his lover Bing Davidson known for The film "Move Over, Darling" took a fall from the 8th story window after the pair spent the night drinking. Since then guests report windows opening by themselves, curtains moving, strange shadows or disembodied voices. During my 2 night visit I did not see or hear anything. However I did get this chill down my spine in the elevator but I'm blaming my over active imagination because in reality I watch way to many scary films.  "The power of Christ compels you!!".

Walk a couple blocks and visit the heart sculptured sign "Heart in San Francisco".

Pier 43 

You can grab a train a couple blocks from the hotel, uber or tour bus. 

We wanted the full experience so we decided to take a tour bus that was about 500 feet from the hotel. They take you all around San Francisco and you can get off at any stops marked on the tour map. Once you see the same tour bus (they arrive every 30 minutes at the marked stops) you can get back on and continue the route. 

We decided to stop at  Pier 43 because all the excitement is there. You can see Alcotraz Prison from the dock and walk your way down shops and restaurants. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Grill

We had an appetizer with a glass of wine following the breadcrumbs of adventure down the stripe.  They had a fantastic seafood menu that is a must try!

Wattle Creek Winery

Walking distance from the pier, you can grab a variety of wines from Sonoma Valley tasting room at Wattle Creek Winery. No reserves needed! You can taste any wine before purchasing and have a glass or two on the patio overlooking Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop... enticing right?

ZK Gallery

Get your art on and visit this gallery holding many local or international contemporary artist's work. This is where we stopped in to view Philippe Pasqua, a French artist known for his piece Vanité aux papillons, 2016 collection.

Top of The Mark
Located on the top floor of the Fairmount Hotel you can get a 360 degree scenic view of the city. Be entertained by a live music performer playing the piano enjoying the ambiance with cocktail or wine. Top of The Mark is a high end penthouse level bar & restaurant located on the 9th floor. 

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

Located also at the Fairmount Hotel, is a live entertainment tiki themed lounge, dancing, restaurant, and bar. This place was approved and documented by the late American Chef, Travel Documentarian and Television Personality Anthony Bourdain.

You can visit his video's here:

Day Two:

I love coffee when I wake up so nothing is wrong with ordering a pot of coffee at sunrise admiring the view from the comfort of your suite. Have breakfast down stairs at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Golden Gate Bridge

McCormick & Kuleto Seafood

Reserve a table and enjoy a delicious specially prepared meal in the dinning room featuring expansive views of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island, Aquatic Park, Angle Island and the Marina.

Starlight Room

Is located at the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where you can have a beautiful 360 degree scenic city view.  Here you can enjoy live music, a light menu with a variety of specialty cocktails. The dress code is strictly enforced so dress to impress and have fun!

The most amazing trip to take! It was a dream trip! Really the right amount of time. Only Advise I can give you is always ALWAYS arrive to the airport 3 hours early. I always travel with this advice. When we arrived at the SFO Airport it was completely packed to the door. It was insane! Because I always follow my 3 hour rule we were not affected "badly" because we had about 45 minuets till my flight back to Houston. However I did run into the cutters who were "late for their flight".  Always travel with this rule and have fun! I hope this posts helps you in planning your next ultimate trip!

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- Vanessa Robles Foster

Friday, November 2, 2018

Deep Sea Fishing (Red Snapper) - Galveston, Texas

Deep sea fishing is definitely a adventure! We went the last weekend of the Season located in Galveston, Texas. When deep sea fishing you can get a 1 day Salt Water Fishing License for $11 at Academy Sports/Outdoors. We used Fish Park Avenue and they provided the food and drinks (water, soda, beer) on the boat. Departure from the dock is at 6:30AM and will take about an hour or 2 to get to the fishing destination - about 60 miles out.

Fish Park Avenue provided everything - Tackle, Bait, fishing rods...The only thing we needed to bring is a ice chest for your fish, sunscreen and if you get sick bring Dramamine.

The boat is a 50 Bertram yacht that offers an air-conditioned comfort including staterooms, restrooms, and a social salon. Outdoor areas feature multiple walk around decks. The evening cruise will embark at the dock of the Galveston Yacht Basin. 

This can be an adventure anyone can enjoy: A fathers day gift, guys trip, work gathering, family fishing trip..etc. 

Here is the link to setup your next deep sea fishing trip! 

Below is our experience fishing Red Snapper!

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- Vanessa Robles Foster